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Shop name-

Jax Bicycle Center

About Jax-

In 1971, during the bicycle boom, Jack Salem started a small 1,500 square foot bicycle store in Long Beach, CA. His business expanded over the next 28 years to include four locations and to be known as Jax Bicycle Centers, one of the most respected retail bicycle businesses in America. In June 1997, Dave got wind that Jack Salem was interested in selling his Jax Fullerton location, 45 days later, Dave owned it. That store was called The Bicycle Center because the "JAX" name was not available yet, as Jack owned three other Jax locations. In 1998, through a conversation with Jack, Dave found out that Jack was ready to part with the other three shops. That night, in Dave's garage with a few Mickey's Big Mouths and a cigar, he decided he needed to beg, borrow, and steal again to make it happen. In March 1999, the other three Jax locations and the Jax Bicycle Center name were purchased. Dave made a commitment in 2005 that he wanted to grow the business to ten locations and own five of his buildings within the next five years. As part of that vision, Dave purchased his sixth location in Claremont, CA in April 2006. At the same time, Dave purchased land and began the arduous process of building a small shopping center in Murrieta, CA. In 2007 a bicycle business in Mission Viejo, CA was purchased and in October 2009 the Murrieta store was opened, bringing the total to eight retail locations. The strategy has been focused on constant improvement, constant learning, and consistent change in order to keep the business on the cutting edge of bicycle retail in Orange County, CA.

Year founded-


Current Owners-

Dave and Elizabeth Hanson


(Dave in the hat talking shop)

Jax General Manager-

Jonathan Chang

How many locations does your store have?

8 locations

How many people does your store employ?


What bike brands do you sell?

Trek, Electra, Nirve, Harro, Mirraco, BH, Pivot, and Fit

What attracted you to the bicycle industry?

In the summer of 1976 my dad knew a gentleman who owned a Schwinn store and they were in need of a young boy to build bicycles. At 15½ years old working in a Schwinn shop sounded like a lot of fun!

What sets your shop apart?

Our eight convenient locations to be able to serve all of our clients, in conjunction with the care we give to all of our clients. We work on building lasting relationship and treating people great!

(The Jax Team during their last all hands meeting)

What's your specialty?

Family, I grew up in a family Schwinn store. Our focus is shifting to high end, but we will continue to offer family entry level products. I believe this is one of the best ways to farm high end.

What's hot right now?

What are your customers asking for the most? 29er bicycles have been and still are a hot item at Jax Bicycle Center’s 8 locations. Our clients are asking for the Trek Rumblefish MTB Series!

Who is the longest serving member of your staff?

Billy Loessin has been a Jax Service Advisor for 23 years.

Who is your favorite customer and why?

My favorite customer is someone who is looking to get involved with cycling to be healthier. It is super exciting when you can see the individual’s body change as well as their mind for the better. The best part is when they share their story with us in the store and with our other clients! That becomes a win, win situation!

What are your aspirations for the future?

My future aspiration is to have an unbelievably successful business. I describe a successful business as follows: our clients are happy, our employees are happy, and our business is profitable. There are three key elements to fire: oxygen, ignition, and fuel to burn. The oxygen is our clients, the ignition is our staff, and the fuel is Jax. Have all three of these involved equally and you have a great fire for warmth and enjoyment. When any one of these elements gets out of whack, it becomes devastating; I call this the triangle of fire.

What part of the business are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the fact that we continually improve.

Are you involved in Advocacy?

Jax supports the following organizations: Orange County Transportation Authority, Orange County Bicycle Coalition, California Bicycle Coalition, Bikes Belong, International Mountain Biking Association, Warrior’s Society, SHARE Mountain Bike Club of Orange County, Trails 4 All, and American Trails.

Whats the best thing about working in the bicycle industry?

The bicycle industry is a fun industry to work in and individuals from any age group can relate. It is a great conversation starter and it’s healthy.

What Clubs or Teams do you sponsor?

Jax sponsors the following clubs/teams: Velo Avanti, Team Khaki, Beach Cities Women Cyclists, and the Police Unity Tour.

Do you have a favorite pro bike racer?

Yes, Dana Weber!