Retailer Profile

Shop Name


Current Owners

Randy and Maria McGhie

Year Founded

1965. 1978 under current owners

General Manager

Shawn Tyrone

Is Mcgies on Facebook


How many locations does Mcghies opperate

2 Stores

How many people does Mcghies employ


store photo front: Payton, Holly, Maria, Rodger
middle: Randy, John, Ben
back: Cosmo, Chris, Shawn, Brandon, Matt
shop dog Frank

What attracted you to the bicycle industry

We started as a ski shop and added cycling as we were getting more involved in the sport personally

What sets your shop apart

Our store is large, modern, well stocked and in a great location. Customer service is our #1 priority

Whats your specialty

Tri, Road and Mountain

Whats hot right now? What are your customers asking for the most

29er mountain bikes and carbon road bikes

What bike brands do you sell

Trek, Cannondale and Pinarello

Who is the logest serving member of your staff

Shawn Tyrone- 16 years

Who is your favorite customer and why

We have many favorite's. They are customers who love cycling and have great attitudes

What are your aspirations for the future

To continue to grow and improve how we run our business

What part of the business are you most proud of

Our longevity and our customer loyalty


shop photo Chris, David,
Rodger, Eric (shop mgr)

Are you involved in advocacy? If so, what organizations do you support

Bikes Belong and SNBA (Southern Nevada Bicycling Association)

What's the best thing about working in the bicycle industry

It never feels like work

What clubs or teams do you sponsor

Mcghies- Mandalay Bay Race Team, Biking Las Vegas Club and the Candlelighters team in training

Do you have a favorite pro bike racer

Chris Horner and Jeremiah Bishop