September 20 - 22, 2017
Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Las Vegas

Mann U at Interbike

Free educational classes aim to drive profitability in your store.


Once again The Mann Group team will bring their proven formula for building tomorrow’s retail leaders to Interbike. Since 2002, The Mann Group has shown more than 750 retailers and manufacturers—from single-site Mom and Pops to national mega-brands—how to apply simple, easy-to-learn principles to yield massive, double-digit sales increases.


Join us for these educational and free events designed exclusively for Interbike retail attendees. You will leave with impactful tools and understanding to inspire, lead and drive profitability in your store. Class size is limited and focused on the leadership development of each participant.



Session 1

The Evolution of Your Customer Base And Where Will You Find New Business

Tuesday, September 20: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Islander Ballroom E; Mandalay Bay Convention Center


Two areas of your business are evolving more rapidly than you can keep up with: your customers and the way you communicate with them.


If you intend to remain relevant you must understand their changing priorities and the evolving digital world we all live in. This session looks at the statistics that confirm what we already know: traditional marketing methods have to change and we need to embrace the new era of retail.


We’ll dive deep into the psyche of the millennial shopper as well as the boomer and address the biggest question keeping you up at night: where is new business going to come from? As a part of this highly interactive workshop we will collaborate with a panel of established mobile marketing experts as well as progressive bike retailers to create a mastermind of ideas to respond to this vibrant but challenging marketplace.


Key touch points include:

  • Surprising and revealing stats predict the future
  • Where is new business going to come from?
  • The millennial challenge
  • The boomer conundrum
  • Stop doing this, it’s not working
  • What is working?
  • Panel discussion; speakers include:
    • Ryan McCarty of Crush Republic
    • Mike Massey of
    • Josh Bowers of Pavillion Adventures
    • Ian Christie of 20Collective



Session 2

The New Customer Experience: Seven Moments Your Staff Must Master

Friday, September 23: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Islander Ballroom E; Mandalay Bay Convention Center


Everyone is talking about how the future belongs to retailers with a great customer experience. Few people are talking about exactly what that is. In this session, we will emphasize the seven crucial moments in the customer’s shopping experience that must be mastered by your staff. Then we will hear from a panel of bicycle retail owners who have figured this out. They’ll collaborate with you to make sure you’re getting your staff onboard and delivering this experience every time.


Having trained more than 1,000 Bike Shops, 250 Outdoor Stores and 500 Running Stores as well as larger brands such as Vans and The North Face, The Mann Group has identified the seven crucial moments in the customer experience. These moments will determine:

  • How long the customer stays in your store
  • How much the customer will spend
  • Your Net Promoter Score
  • If this shopper will return (stats tell us that customers typically visit a store four times before purchasing)
  • If this customer becomes a lifetime customer


Panel speakers include:

  • Tom Henry of Landry’s Bicycles
  • Mike Olsen of Trek Superstore, San Diego


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