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Exhibitor Spotlight: Todson


In 1946, as America returned to prosperity after years at war, an enterprising Austrian immigrant Otto Todrys noticed that people were buying automobiles and bicycles, so he began selling tires and rubber products to help keep more people on the road. He understood that he would be successful if he treated people fairly and honestly while providing products that offered genuine value. He called his new company Todrys and Son. Otto’s old world business ethics and American forward-thinking proved an unbeatable combination, Todrys and Son flourished.

Flash forward to the 1960s as Otto’s son Alfred takes the helm: America is just discovering cycling as a new form of recreation. Alfred saw a unique transportation opportunity and began importing other cycling products from European suppliers such as Zefal, Huret, Sachs and Sedis. Shortening the company name to simply Todson, Alfred remained focused on exemplary service while continuing to grow and meet the needs of an ever-changing market. As the market changed, Todson has changed with it, adding brands like Topeak and OnGuard.

Now in its third generation of continuous family leadership with grandson Neal Todrys, Todson continues to evolve to meet the unique needs of its sophisticated customers. The company has risen to the challenge to become what it is today: A full service organization offering distributors, retailers and consumers a complete range of products and services, including importing, logistics, manufacturing, R&D, branding, marketing, sales and support. All of this is backed with same old world values of honesty, fairness, value and service that have fashioned the Todrys’ family business model from the very start.


North Attleboro, MA


Privately Owned

Year founded:


Founder of the company:

Otto Todrys

Product Categories:

Pumps, tools, racks, workstands, lights, computers. fenders, babyseats, and locks

Featured Product:

Topeak Ride Case

Sponsored Athletes/Race Team(s):
Green Edge
Mike Steidley Stunt Show
Topeak/Ergen Team
Community/Advocacy: Bikes Belong
Trip for Kids
Team Rawanda
Rodman Ride for Kids