September 20 - 22, 2017
Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Free Marketing Tools

Interbike can help amplify your brand beyond your booth with a host of complimentary marketing tools. Just a little effort on your part will ensure you build awareness of your brand and products at no additional cost.


Complete Your Interbike Planner Exhibitor Profile


As a participating exhibitor you are already a part of this valuable marketing tool. Completing your exhibitor profile is the key to ensuring attendees can find and connect with you. The information in your profile will be used in the printed on-site event guide and online listings, including the Interbike mobile app. The deadline to make updates to your profile to be included in the printed on-site event guide is August 1, 2017.


Make sure you do the following things when you update your Exhibitor Profile:


  • Opt in for the Appointment Calendar so attendees can connect with you
  • Upload product images and descriptions
  • Upload videos
  • Upload show specials


The more you put into your Exhibitor Profile, the better attendees can find you and the more you get out of it!


To update your Exhibitor Profile look for your exhibitor welcome letter that contains your login and password. Need more help? Email


Regarding Appointments – we have added an Appointment Calendar feature which allows buyers to request appointments with you at the show via the Interbike Planner. In order to receive these requests, you must OPT IN within your profile. If you do not OPT IN attendees will be unable to schedule appointments with you through the Interbike Planner.

Interbike Registration Link on Your Site

Help your customers register for Interbike – place a link on your corporate website to online registration for the Interbike 2017 using this address:

Interbike Can Help Promote Your Event


Do you have a happy hour or autograph signing planned for Interbike? If you have an event planned for your booth and you want Interbike’s marketing engines to help you promote it, submit your event to us.  We will be happy to include your event in our online listing.

Interbike New Product Guide


Are you planning to launch/show a new product at Interbike? Don’t miss an opportunity to have it included in the Interbike New Product Guide! This printed, spiral-bound book includes one featured new product from each participating exhibitor with a description, picture, company press contact and booth information. Five-hundred copies of this book will be placed between the OutDoor Demo Press Tent and in the Interbike Press Room for journalists to peruse and use as a guide during their time at Interbike. This opportunity is FREE to all exhibitors. To participate, please complete this form.

PR Resources


Engage the power of the press! Upload your paperless Press Kit (pdf) through your exhibitor profile and it will be available to the press on the Interbike website.


Get the most from your media outreach efforts before, during and post show by using the tips in the Interbike PR Tool Kit. Here you’ll find information on:


  • How/when to obtain the Interbike Media List
  • How to upload your company press kits
  • How to submit news to the official Interbike Show Daily
  • Best practices on how to contact & work with journalists at Interbike
  • How to participate in the Interbike Media Preview and other marketing opportunities

Influence the Influencers


There are no better brand ambassadors for your products than the people who interact with consumers every day – IBD staff. Getting them to use your products provides first-hand experience that translates directly to the end consumer.


To help facilitate this process, we’ll be adding a new Marketplace feature at the one place where more than 4,000 mechanics, sales staff, GM’s, and owners will gather to test the latest products and innovations: OutDoor Demo. Interbike will support this program with a FREE marketing package intended to drive additional retailer attendance to the event. All you need to do is let us know that you intend to sell product in your booth at the Demo. Sign up today. (Please complete your sign up by August 24.)