September 20 - 22, 2017
Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

Why Exhibit

Unite and Innovate your Cycling Business at Interbike

Each year over 1,400 brands come to Interbike to showcase their products and services more than 13,000 retailers representing close to 4,000 unique bicycle retail locations. Innovative companies choose to invest in the show every year because they understand the benefits:


  • Key decision makers from more than 3,500 bicycle stores are there
  • Buying power of the industry is represented
  • Distributors from around the world are there looking for new products
  • Massive media coverage is generated by over 450 global working media


What many companies don’t consider, but should, are the intangible benefits of exhibiting at Interbike:


  • Develop Trust: Retailers buy from companies and brands that they trust. In today’s marketplace retailers are voting with their dollars on who they want to do business with. Many buyers are taking hard looks at who they do business with and decisions are being made at Interbike. And, let’s face it, it’s impossible to build trust through an e-mail or from a website.
  • Tell Your Story: Do your customers really know and understand what your marketing strategy is for the upcoming product year? Have they seen all of your new products? It only takes one or two big customers to take on a new product to pay for the investment in being at the show.
  • Give Dealers a Reason to Buy: Why have so many companies thrown in the towel on order writing? Retailers have never come out and said that they won’t write business at the show. Why not come to the show with a strategy that creates order book? It’s not that complicated and yet it is often ignored by most exhibitors. If done properly ROI will be much easier to measure and your investment decision will look so much smarter.
  • Their Absence is Your Opportunity: The decision to not be at the show can sometimes be much more damaging than you know. If you are one of those companies that can’t really afford private affairs and are getting squeezed by the bigger brands, what message are you sending to the buying audience when you are noticeably absent from the show? Whether we like it or not, retail buyers will have no choice but to question your stability and strength in the market. Can you afford to take that chance? Why not view Trek and Specialized not being there as an opportunity? Their dealers are there and their valuable time is not being consumed. Those dealers are there to consider everything else and there is a clear opportunity for you to have meaningful conversations and to win them over to your brand.


This is an important juncture for the bicycle industry, and many brands are at a crossroad on how they handle the new retail paradigm. There has never been a more important time to show the retail audience that you are committed to their businesses by being a part of Interbike and helping us unite this industry in the quest for a brighter future.


See you at Interbike.

Interbike 2016 Official Event Snap Shot

The data is in: Interbike continues to draw the highest quality independent bicycle retailers from across North America and around the globe. Interbike brings key decision makers from healthy retail businesses with the power to purchase, the money to spend and the desire to hunt down new, exciting products. Massive buying power is represented at Interbike.


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