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Travel Planners is the only official housing partner of Interbike/Health+Fitness Business. Do not be fooled by other travel vendors soliciting your housing business. These companies are not approved by Interbike/Health+Fitness Business and we do not endorse any other supplier other than Travel Planners.

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Booking with Interbike's Hotel and Travel Booking Services is the only way to receive these exclusive benefits:

• You'll receive hotel support prior, during and after the event.
• There are no service fees to make your reservations.
• Immediate confirmations - no waiting or wondering.
• Update your hotel reservations with no fees or penalties.
• Descriptions, photos and maps to help you choose the perfect hotel.

As a Interbike participant, you are an appetizing target for agencies and brokers that may contact you online or by phone with "special" hotel deals. Because they are not associated with the show, their only goal is to make big money fast. Often, they shut down by the time the show starts – and good luck if you overpay, need to cancel, or don't have the room you thought you reserved. Be very leery if you are contacted by anyone other than our official housing vendor, Travel Planners.

Find a Great Deal on a Flight to Las Vegas

If you'd like to book your hotel and flight at the same time through Interbike's Travel Partners, we have great deals worked out for both exhibitors and attendees.