September 20 - 22, 2017
Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas


What is the Interbike PayBack Buyer Rewards Program? 
The Interbike PayBack Buyer Rewards Program is the most cost-effective marketing opportunity for exhibitors. PayBack offers incentives for buyers to visit your booth AND write orders. Not only do buyers get the discount or special offered with the coupon, they can actually earn money back on orders placed at the show!


How does it work? 
For only $495, exhibitors can place a PayBack coupon in the 
printed Event Guide. Buyers use these coupons to take advantage of discounts and specials from participating exhibitors. When a buyer makes cumulative purchases of $500 or more, Interbike rewards them with money back up to $1,500.


On cumulative orders of: PayBack Rewards:
$500 – $4,999 $50
$5,000 – $14,999 $75
$15,000 – $24,999 $125
$25,000 and up $175


When a buyer places orders with more than 4 participating PayBack companies, they earn an additional bonus of $50 per company.
Buyers will receive double rewards for orders written on Friday, September 22. Bonuses will not be multiplied. $1,500 maximum reward.


For example: 
You buy from 8 different participating PayBack companies, with cumulative purchases of $6,000. Your reward would be $75 based on your cumulative orders. Plus, you will receive an additional $50 bonus on orders #5-8, for a total of $200 extra. Your total money back would be $275!
If you write all of these orders on Friday, you would receive 2x rewards, making your reward $150. Adding in your $200 bonus, your total money back would be $350!


What does it look like? 
PayBack coupons are printed in a special section of the show directory like the example below. Terms and conditions of the PayBack program will appear on the back of each coupon.



Exhibitors: For more information, contact your Account Executive.

Buyers: For more information, contact Nikki.