September 15-19, 2019, Reno Tahoe

Why Attend?

 Why Smart Bicycle Retailers Know They Need to Attend Interbike



Would you invest three days of your life and $1,500 to ensure that your business thrives in 2018 and beyond?

Or would you rather put all your trust in what you read online and hear from your vendors? Are your supplier’s priorities the same as yours? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself when contemplating attending Interbike in 2018.


We are living in a rapidly changing retail environment, and predicting where the next shift will be is something every vendor and every retailer in the bicycle industry is trying to figure out. The only thing that is truly predictable at this point is that today’s consumer expectation is much different than it was five years ago and we need to address it. How each company plans to address this issue should be of critical concern to you and your business.


The bicycle industry is a relationship based business and we can’t lose sight of this. Your customers buy from you because of your relationship with them. In the same way, you choose who you trust and who you want to do business with. The Interbike Conference and Expo affords you the unique opportunity to meet with hundreds of principles of companies and talk to them about your business and convey to them, in no uncertain terms, what you expect from them.


Don’t you want to shake the hand of the company’s principle and ask them, eye to eye, what is their vision for the future? How closely is that future tied to the independent retailer? How seriously do they understand and treat your concerns and struggles? Interbike is the perfect opportunity to have these conversations to learn things you can’t find online and that your sales rep will never tell you.


Make the decision to invest in Interbike 2018 now. If you haven’t been to Interbike in a few years, it’s time to take another look. We are doing more than ever before to add value to your businesses and it’s paying off for many. From top notch education on serious business topics such as the omnichannel experience and hyper target marketing, to the latest technical seminars, to new innovative products, to the latest trends in women’s cycling, mountain biking and more, Interbike offers you all the tools you need to succeed and thrive in today’s new retail paradigm.



Questions about the show? Want to know more information? Our Retail Relations Specialist is here to help answer any question you may have.


Kim Moore

Retail Relations Specialist