September 14-20, 2018 , Reno Tahoe

Fit Symposium

The Crossroads of Fit Tech & Independent Bicycle Retailers in North America

Bike fit is quickly becoming an important segment within the walls of bicycle retailers worldwide. Whether it’s improving the performance of a seasoned local racer or helping a weekend warrior hang with the pack on a group ride, proper bike fit can enhance the overall cycling experience – and keep your customers happier, spinning their cranks more frequently and visiting your store more often.


The Interbike Fit Symposium is a must-attend event for retailers and fit specialists seeking to learn about the latest trends in fit tech. You will hear from some of the most well-respected leaders in bike fitting and meet the brands leading the category today. Whether you’re a seasoned technician or a retailer seeking to learn more about ways to generate incremental revenue through fit, the Interbike Fit symposium is for you. The event will cover numerous levels of topics within static and dynamic fit, including cleat/shoe/pedal interface, fitting on a budget and more – all designed to have you leave the event with takeaways that you can implement in your store when you get home.

medicine_of_cycling CroppedThe 2017 Interbike Fit Symposium, curated by Medicine of Cycling, is set to deliver a powerful set of beginner and advanced sessions for the bicycle retail community. Feedback following our
inaugural event last year will be incorporated, to include break-out sessions for levels of retailers and fit specialists. The Fit Symposium will take place Tuesday, September 19 from noon to 5:45 pm. Space is limited for this event and registration is required.