September 14-20, 2018 , Reno Tahoe

EU @ Interbike


Expanded for 2016, EU @ Interbike showcases new European-based companies ready to initiate distribution of products in the U.S. market in 2017. Featuring more than 20 new brands from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and more, EU @ Interbike is a great place to hunt out the next cool thing for your store.


All Mountain Style
Booth 14225


Booth 14213


Binova GmbH Drive by advance
Booth 14211


Bopworx, Ltd.
Booth 15212


BrightSpark Global
Booth 15228


British Cycle Imports, LLC
Booth 14227


Edco Engineering BV
Booth 15208


Follow Me
Booth 14219


Booth 15206


Life Saver Suppliers/QST Int.
Booth 10268


LaSalle Sports
Booth 15226


Booth 15216


Riese and Muller GmbH
Booth 14207


Uebler GmbH
Booth 14221


Visijax Limited
Booth 15218


WhiteCrow Tech
Booth 14223


Zero Uno Bikes
Booth 14217

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