September 14-20, 2018 , Reno Tahoe

Retail By Retailers

The Retail by Retailers discussions were designed based on feedback from the Interbike Retail Advisory Board and in partnership with The Mann Group and the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA). The objective was to highlight important topics impacting IBD’s today and to learn from retailers who are having success in those areas. The sessions include:


Successfully Integrating Mobile Bike Repair into Your Shop

Retailer: Ian Christie, Founder and CEO of Summit Bicycles

One-on-One Interviewer: Dan Mann, The Mann Group


If you’re not looking at mobile bike repair as a potential addition to your business, you’re missing out.  Even if you’re not ready to invest today, don’t miss this session where Ian Christie of Northern California-based Summit Bicycles reveals some insight into how to make a mobile repair operation work within a traditional IBD retail business. Dan Mann, Founder of The Mann Group, will interview Ian to discuss how Summit Bicycles went from traditional IBD to now incorporating a complimentary, and profitable mobile repair model and will cover:

  • The Facts about Mobile Repair
  • The Numbers Speak for Themselves
  • The New Customer Base

Hiring and Retaining Mechanics That Are Invested In Your Business

Retailer: Steve Williams, Director of Sales & Continuous Improvement, Mikes Bike Shop, New Brunswick Canada

One-on-One Interviewer: Dan Mann, The Mann Group


It is well known that an IBD’s service department can be vehicle to get new customers into the store, and an excellent one will have them coming back.  However, recruiting and retaining profitable technicians is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today.  In this session Dan Mann, Founder of the Mann Group will interview Steve Williams of Eastern Canada’s Mike’s Bike Shop regarding his evolving IBD service operations and how he applies service metrics with great success.

Service Writing: Elevating the Level of Contact Between Service Employees & Customers

Retailer: Hill Abell, Bicycle Sport Shop, Austin, TX

Session Moderator: Val Vanderpool, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Special Guest: Jeff Donaldson, Barnett Bicycle Institute


There’s no denying that the touch point between service employees and customers is critical – it can either result in a positive experience with a sales opportunity, or it can go south quickly leaving money on the table, and/or winning or losing a customer. In the digital age where commodity items are being bought on the Internet every day, we need to ensure that customer interaction with the department that the Internet can’t replicate (service) is one that offers exceptional customer service and a memorable experience. In this session, you will hear from XX experts who will provide YY tips on how to earn the trust of your service staff, and increase your overall service revenue.

Magic Numbers: How to Use Metrics to Benchmark Your Business

Retailer: Jeff Selzer, Palo Alto Bicycles, Palo Alto CA

Retailer: Tim Krone, Pedal Bicycles, Kalamazoo, MI

Retailer: Sheri Mann, Summit City Bicycles & Fitness, Ft. Wayne, IN

Retailer: Hill Abell, Bicycle Sport Shop, 5-locations in the Austin, TX area

Session Moderator: Jeff Selzer, Palo Alto Bikes


Do you ever wonder how your business stacks up to other retailers? Are you curious if your business is performing at the level of other stores your size? Comparing your numbers against a group average helps you stay aware of trends and opportunities.


In this session, a panel of participating retailers in the NBDA’s Profitability Project (P2) will share some of the lessons they have learned and applied to their business.

Come away from this session with an understanding of:

  • How to assess and improve your business by benchmarking areas such as business operations and financial performance.
  • How to use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Sales per Square Foot, Productivity (payroll as a percentage of revenue), Inventory Turns, and a host of additional metrics
  • How to apply best practices to drive change and improve your store profitability

This is your chance to ask questions of retailers who have learned from participating in P2 Groups about how to grow their bottom line. Come to this session and find out for yourself!