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“Interbike – The Podcast” will publish every 2 weeks, and each episode will touch upon current events and products in the world of bicycles – including interviews with industry insiders, trendmakers, category experts and more. The first podcast will launch on February 21st and will be available initially on the Interbike website, with plans to submit to Apple Podcast, Google Play Music and others in the near future.


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The podcast host will be Fred Fishkin, who has been producing a daily syndicated radio report on consumer technology for more than two decades. Having been an award-winning street reporter for WCBS Radio in New York, Fred began covering the tech beat in the early 90s. His reports have been syndicated by CBS Radio, Bloomberg Radio and through his own production company.



How Indoor Cycling Impacts the Bike Industry


Staying fit and keeping up with training year round can be a challenge, but today there are more options than ever — from boutique spin studios and Peloton bikes for at-home virtual workouts, to apps like Zwift and indoor programs at local bike shops — all of which have made riding indoors more accessible and a lot more fun.


In the first episode of Interbike — The Podcast, we’re talking with Bicycle Retailer & Industry News features editor Val Vanderpool, who explored the indoor market (and got hooked on spin classes in the process) for recent and upcoming stories in the magazine about what’s driving these trends and how they’re impacting the bike industry. Also joining us is Bernie Doering, vice president of global sales and marketing at Stages Cycling, which manufactures spin bikes for several boutique studios in addition to the power meters for which the company is best known. Doering provides insights into how indoor riding technology has changed, how it has impacted sales at bike shops and where trends might be going.


Listen in to get a glimpse into the world of indoor cycling!