September 14-20, 2018 , Reno Tahoe



“Interbike – The Podcast” will publish every 2 weeks, and each episode will touch upon current events and products in the world of bicycles – including interviews with industry insiders, trendmakers, category experts and more.


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The podcast is hosted by Fred Fishkin, who has been producing a daily syndicated radio report on consumer technology for more than two decades. Having been an award-winning street reporter for WCBS Radio in New York, Fred began covering the tech beat in the early 90s. His reports have been syndicated by CBS Radio, Bloomberg Radio and through his own production company.


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A Chat with Interbike Show Director Justin Gottlieb


As September approaches, retailers and suppliers in the bike industry prepare for Interbike, which starts a new chapter in Reno-Tahoe this year.


In the eleventh episode of Interbike – The Podcast, host Fred Fishkin interviews Justin Gottlieb, Interbike show director, as he and his team put the finishing touches on the 2018 edition of North America’s largest bicycle industry trade show. Interbike announced its decision to move to Reno-Tahoe just one year ago, and Justin describes the changes that are in store for 2018. From arrival in a city that’s eager to welcome the industry, to the NorthStar Free-Ride Festival on the opening weekend…from industry group rides, to an OutDoor Demo on world-class trails…from a thoughtfully curated series of educational tracks to unequaled face-to-face interaction on the show floor…it’s shaping up to be a phenomenal show. Tune in to hear about all the improvements as the countdown to Interbike Marketweek heads into the homestretch.



Riding in Reno during Interbike Marketweek


In Episode 6, we talked about Interbike’s new home in Reno-Tahoe. One of the most exciting upgrades about the move is the overall bike-ability of the area.


In the tenth episode of Interbike – The Podcast, we’re taking a deeper dive into why so many are planning to bring their bikes and ride during Interbike – and how they can do it affordably and efficiently. Hosts Fred Fishkin and Lynette Carpiet are joined by Sue George of BikeFlights, who shares information about a new partnership with Interbike that streamlines the entire bike travel process. Lynette talks about Reno’s climate, bicycle infrastructure, compact distances, and bike share program – all of which contribute to a very bikeable experience for show attendees. Next, Mike Debold and Bonnie Bradbury of Reno bike shop High Sierra Cycling talk about the Reno cycling scene and the Interbike group road rides they’re leading on Days 2 and 3 of the show. Finally, Kevin Joell, owner of Sierra Trail Works and all-around “Reno bike guy”, tells which trailheads are accessible right from the show floor and recommends some epic MTB loops.



Mass suppliers eye opportunity in the IBD to grow the pie


Consumers walking into bike shops many times are turned off by the prices they see on the show floor. Some leave and buy online or at mass stores.


In the ninth episode of Interbike – The Podcast, Univega USA and Batch Bicycles join host Fred Fishkin and co-host Lynette Carpiet of BRAIN to talk about how they want to bring new recreational riders into cycling with more affordable bikes for specialty bike shops. Batch’s Dorothy Pacheco talks about how parent Huffy has developed an IBD initiative that includes Huffy Service Centers — more than 500 bike shops that service Huffy bikes bought at mass — and a new line of quality, affordable bikes for recreational riders sold at IBDs starting at $89 for kids $129 for adults. Univega USA’s John Georger says Kent International is bringing back this well-known brand from back in the day, but Kent will be assembling these bikes in its South Carolina factory, and selling them for $200 to $1,000, a big part of the pie that isn’t being offered at bike shops. Both companies will launch their new lines at Interbike in Reno.



The gravel phenomenon: how retailers and event promoters are fueling the growth of fat-tired road bikes


Traditional road bikes have been on a downward slide, but the category as a whole is seeing some staying power thanks to fat-tired, disc-braked-equipped, gravel-specific bikes.


In the eighth episode of Interbike – The Podcast, we’re speaking with Jim Cummins, executive director of the Dirty Kanza, one of the premier gravel races in Emporia, Kansas, and Lelan Dains, operations manager; Dan Hughes, owner of Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop, in Lawrence, Kansas; and IRC’s Bruno Suttles, as well as IRC-sponsored ‘cross national champion Jake Wells, who recently competed in the DK, and IRC’s marketing guy Steve Driscoll of LiFT Creative Studios. Gravel race promoter, gravel-focused retailer and tire brand talk about how gravel interest has grown, the impact on sales, and how product managers are designing bikes, tires and other products specifically for this type of riding and terrain.



How bike media is evolving in the digital age.


Longtime writer Zapata Espinoza has captured readers in the bike industry for decades. In his latest column in Road Bike Action, he dishes on the growth of PR firms, the waning of print media and how the publication is navigating the change to digital.


In the seventh episode of Interbike – The Podcast, we’re speaking with Zap, editor in chief of Road Bike Action magazine; Billy Sinkford, senior partner at Echos Communications, a PR agency with multiple clients in the bike industry; and David Zimberoff, vice president of marketing at SRAM, about the changing media landscape and what that means in terms of marketing spend both in print and digital media. As the importance of social media and PR continues to grow, what does that mean for traditional media? Will marketers and social influencers replace today’s media?



Welcome to Reno Tahoe:  A visitor’s guide to the new home of Interbike.


Reno, the biggest little city in the world, has undergone major changes in the last two decades.  The city has a revitalized, bustling downtown area, eclectic restaurant scene and with its proximity to Lake Tahoe, has become a destination for all types of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.


In the sixth episode of Interbike – The Podcast, we’re speaking with Shelli Fine, Director of Sports Development for Reno Tahoe to get you up to speed with all the information about the area and what you should know to plan your trip to Interbike.  From airport and hotel information, to restaurants and the bike-ability of the city and surrounding areas.  Also joining is Marc Sani, staff writer and former publisher for Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, who shares some of his history in Reno and thoughts on the experience that Reno Tahoe has to offer Interbike attendees.



What’s old is new again: Trade-in programs make used bikes a viable business for bike shops


Used bike sales are nothing new. But what’s changing now is that more traditional bike shops who hadn’t gotten involved with used bikes in the past are giving it another look. Trade-in programs like those offered by Bicycle Blue Book and Pro’s Closet are giving bikes shops an opportunity to welcome a customer in that might have walked away in the past.


In the fifth episode of Interbike – The Podcast, we’re talking with Steve Frothingham, online editor of Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, who has written extensively about the used bike market recently. Also joining us is Hill Abell, owner of Bicycle Sport Shop with five stores in the Austin, Texas market, and Ira Becker, president of Bicycle Blue Book. Abell says he’s seen an uptick in high-end sales because of the value customers get from trade-ins at his stores. And the margin he’s able to get from those trade-ins is nearly 45 percent. Becker said Bicycle Blue Book works with more than 1,400 bike retailers across the U.S. who use their services to provide immediate market value for the trade-in at the store for use on a new bike sale.



Click vs. Brick: How bike shops are tackling e-commerce


The majority of IBD sales still take place inside the four walls of a brick-and-mortar store, and many retailers don’t believe that will change dramatically over the next few years, according to a survey conducted by Bicycle Retailer & Industry News. The February survey provided insights as to how bike shops are evolving to meet the demands of customers who browse and buy online.


In the fourth episode of Interbike – The Podcast, we’re talking with the chief editor of Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, Lynette Carpiet, about some of the survey findings, which are published in the magazine’s April 1 issue. Also joining us is Ryan Atkinson, president of SmartEtailing, a widely used online platform for bike shops, and retailers Tom Henry of Landry’s Bicycles with seven stores in Massachusetts and Ken Woody Smith of Richardson Bike Mart with three stores in the Dallas market. Both Landry’s and Richardson Bike Mart have invested substantially into their websites and talk about the challenges of e-commerce and what kind of return they’re seeing from their investments.



BMX: A Category On The Rise?


The BMX category has been around for several decades, but is far from its glory days in the 1980’s. BMX has seen its ups and downs over the years, but make no mistake – the category is a gateway for kids to get into bikes today, and to becoming cyclists in other disciplines in the future.


In the third episode of Interbike – The Podcast, we’re talking with Rickey Strawn, Director of Sales for HARO Bicycles about the popularity of BMX today, some data on the category, the evolution of BMX bike technology and why he thinks the category is on the rise. Also joining is Phil Cohen, owner of Chain Reaction Bicycles, a specialty bike retailer in Evans, GA, who shares the reason why he’s excited about BMX along with some tips for other retailers to have success with the category; and Zack Phillips, owner of Kink BMX who will share some thoughts from a niche brand perspective.



Electric bikes: Who’s riding them, who’s selling them, and how good are today’s models?


Electric bikes are speeding into U.S. bike shops and households at a fast clip. The latest industry statistics from the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association show shipments of e-bikes to retailers were up 92 percent last year. They made the largest difference to the bottom line for suppliers than any other category, adding $31.6 million in new business.


In the second episode of Interbike – The Podcast, we’re talking with longtime reporter for Bicycle Retailer & Industry News Doug McClellan about some of the latest research on e-bike riders. McClellan provides insights about a new study completed by Portland State University and the University of Tennessee. It’s the biggest survey ever done of North American e-bike riders that asked about why they bought their e-bikes and how they use them. Also joining us is Jim Strang, owner of Spokes Etc., a specialty bike retailer with six stores in Northern Virginia, who has successfully sold e-bikes for the past four years and shares tips on how he’s cornered that market; and Rob Kaplan of Raleigh Electric, who talks about how battery technology and reliability has drastically improved in recent years. 



How Indoor Cycling Impacts the Bike Industry


Staying fit and keeping up with training year round can be a challenge, but today there are more options than ever — from boutique spin studios and Peloton bikes for at-home virtual workouts, to apps like Zwift and indoor programs at local bike shops — all of which have made riding indoors more accessible and a lot more fun.


In the first episode of Interbike — The Podcast, we’re talking with Bicycle Retailer & Industry News features editor Val Vanderpool, who explored the indoor market (and got hooked on spin classes in the process) for recent and upcoming stories in the magazine about what’s driving these trends and how they’re impacting the bike industry. Also joining us is Bernie Doering, vice president of global sales and marketing at Stages Cycling, which manufactures spin bikes for several boutique studios in addition to the power meters for which the company is best known. Doering provides insights into how indoor riding technology has changed, how it has impacted sales at bike shops and where trends might be going.


Listen in to get a glimpse into the world of indoor cycling!